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Pointers for Choosing a Sports Betting Handicapper

Choosing a sports betting handicapping service tends to be tricky. How do you determine which one is best for you? The Internet crawls with swindlers who will set up shop and then vanish after taking people’s cash.


First and foremost, find a sports handicapper that boasts a good and long history in the industry. They need to be able to offer you with solid information spanning complete seasons of varying sports. This should include their success rate, along with how much their client sports bettors won per unit.

No to Hard Selling

A good handicapper is aware that, to decide wisely as a sports bettor, you need time. So don’t ever entertain hard sellers. Be cautious with websites that make fantastic claims, such as having a 95% win rate.

Remember that A-one services’ average success rate is typically between 53% and 55%. 4% of their wagers before they can gain a profit. It couldn’t get simpler than that.


If you’re interested in a certain handicapper, try reaching out to them on the phone or online. Were they polite and helpful? How long did it take for them to call, text or email back? Look for a handicapper that is at least professional in conducting themselves towards you, and one that responds to your communications promptly.

Value-Based with Guarantee

Can they offer value-base packages plus some sort of guarantee? If you’re thinking of making daily or weekly payments, you’ll have to go with a premium rate. However, betters get large value if they avail of yearly, monthly or seasonal services since regular wagering on sports is how bettors really make the cash.

In addition, the handicapping service has to offer a kind of guarantee, which can’t be a 100% money-back guarantee. Instead, this should come in the form of free picks for the equivalent stretch of time that your picks weren’t profitable.

What to Expect

Expect to get certain number of picks, as well as information regarding the number of minutes you have to wager per game. Distribution of units is crucial in profitable sports betting. Too many units or too much cash on the wrong game can lead to a loss, which will be very hard to recover from.

Finally, as a serious sports bettor, you’ll want to have an edge with each more that you make. Before you hire a sports handicapping service, determine whether they are cost-efficient. You should also weigh how frequently you place a bet, how much you’ve already won, and how long making you picks is going to take you.

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